About Us

Barbara Fordyce, Ph.D. and Associates is a private practice center offering comprehensive mental health and personal growth services. Individuals of all ages- adults, adolescents, and children- can profit from assistance in resolving life problems. Barbara Fordyce, Ph.D. and Associates offer a wide range of counseling and psychotherapy services designed to aid the individual or family to better understand the process of problem solving, effective communication and personal growth.

Our group practice offers competent professionals with wide backgrounds and skills to assure that the most efficient approach and professional techniques are available with varied theoretical backgrounds and approaches.

Every  year, millions of Americans of all ages find solutions to their problems with the help of psychologists. In the past ten years, psychologists have helped more people with more kinds of problems than ever before. More than 30 million Americans need help dealing with their problems…. problems such as job worries, marital and family problems, illness and injury, death of a loved one, anxieties, loneliness or depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Millions more suffer from stress-related illnesses. More than half of all complaints to physicians including colds, upset stomachs, back pains and fatigue stem from emotional stress and conflict.

Barbara Fordyce, Ph.D. and Associates help adults, teens and children come to terms with stresses and problems in their lives. For example, our highly trained mental health professionals:

  • help couples develop problem-solving and communication skills
  • help families with children diagnosis and overcome learning and behavioral problems
  • identify and treat problems such as depression and anxiety related disorders
  • identify intellectual and emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • help individuals cope with the end of a relationship or loss of a loved on
  • improve motivation, efficiency and job satisfaction
  • help people deal with stress so they can maintain full and healthy lifestyles
  • improve performance in school, sport, business, and other areas

Barbara Fordyce, Ph.D. and her Associates are dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier and more productive, satisfying lives. In addition to all aspects of human behavior, ranging from serious mental disorders to developmental concerns, all members of our group practice are skilled in the art of communication. Upon initial consultation, an assessment of the problem(s) is discussed and a treatment plan begun. The focus is centered on resolving important issues, learning coping strategies and problem solving. Treatment is an interactive process with responsibility on the part of both the client and the therapist, aimed at helping people help themselves.