Because clients often have preferences as to whom they can most comfortably relate, both female and male psychologists and counselors are available with varied theoretical backgrounds and approaches. Our highly trained mental health professionals have assisted adults, teens and children with stresses and problems in their lives, such as:

  • helping couples develop problem solving and communication skills
  • helping families with children diagnose and overcome learning and behavior problems
  • identifying and treating problems such as depression and anxiety-related disorders
  • identifying intellectual and emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • helping individuals cope with the end of a relationship or loss of a loved one
  • improving motivation, efficiency and job satisfaction
  • helping people deal with stress so they can maintain full and healthy lifestyles

Upon Initial consultation, an assessment of the problem(s) is discussed and a treatment plan begun. The focus is centered on resolving important issues, learning coping strategies, and problem solving. Treatment is an interactive process with responsibility on the part of both the client and the therapist, aimed at helping people help themselves.